Hidden Number Theory is the umbrella term for the mode of perception that allows the observer to extract the ‘hidden’ letters, words and numbers within letters, words, and numbers. The following examples will demonstrate the method behind this concept using the words Eight and Light as well as the letter O and number 0.

Example one

Eight, Light

In this example, we can observe how the word Light is seemingly ‘hidden’ within the word Eight. All we must do is remove the top arm and the centre crossbar of the E to reveal the ‘hidden’ L. Thus, the word Light appears. This example demonstrates both a hidden letter within a letter and a hidden word within a word.

Example two

word, crow

In this example, we can observe how the word crow is seemingly ‘hidden’ within the word, word. All we must do is remove the stem from the letter d to reveal the apparent ‘hidden’ c which reveals the letter combination worc. Next, we reverse this letter combination to reveal the seemingly ‘hidden’ word crow.

This methodology allows the user artistic licence to elaborate on this methodology and develop a sentence. For example, “There are eight bright lights” and “The crows work is in misguided words”.

Example three

O, 0

In this example, we can observe the similarities between the letters O and the number 0, in that they are both circular. Through the elaboration of this idea, the Cobain cipher was developed.
Hidden Number Theory was identified and defined by Steven McCreanor to demonstrate the logic behind the deliberate cryptogram STUVWX MC^234567.
by STUVWX MC^234567 August 28, 2019
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