The most attractive, caring and committed guy in the universe; a true romantic at heart. You will probably meet him in a popular nightclub, anything with the name "Bar" or "Barry" is a likely location. He is such a nice guy he’ll probably think the gay guy you are dancing with is your boyfriend & won’t make a move initially. After he realises you are actually "the queen of all gays" & single, he will not let you go. Be warned a Steven has unique dance moves; do not be alarmed in the first instance. Expect him to court you with romantic dates until you fall in love with him. Dates may include rocking up to your house in trackies with un-styled hair that has no product in it & a copy of "Beerfest" as the first movie you ever watch; or missing the unrefundable & very expensive Tram Restaurant on Valentines Day. Definitely the kind of guy who will become close to your family; he may suck up to your mother Kym or go canoeing with your dad Bob to score "brownie points". Friends such as a Ty, David, Sonia, Gregory Nick, Lisa, Thomas or Mark will want you to marry him. A Steven is likely to propose outside a butterfly enclosure after butterflies have landed all over you. He will want to marry you in the most romantic city in the world; in Paris. Often described as the worlds "nicest" guy, he can be prone to telling the odd dad joke; refrain from laughing. A Steven will make a great husband/father, he is likely to marry a Lauren - his perfect match.
He is such a Steven
Bad dad joke dude...that's SO Steven of you
OMG - check out the dance-moves, he is such a Steven
Wow - nicest guy in the world, you're such a Steven
by Happy4thAnniversarySLB November 23, 2010
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(n.) a carnivorous mammal that prefers his food deep-fried with a tall glass of sweet iced tea or a super strong margarita. Offer great advice and support, but only when he feels like it. And often saves the world, but again -- only when he feels like it.

Academically gifted and worldly. Garners the attention and hatred of others by being an over-achiever. Lovably promiscuous. Travels to foreign lands on a whim. Kicks ass when necessary and administers justice to narrow-minded juveniles with a bitch-slap.

Stevens often appreciate good food, good liquor, witty conversation, club music, and hot, sweaty bodies.

Great for a friend. Terrible for an enemy. Approach Stevens with caution (or you gonna get bitch-slapped).
"Hey, what happened to your friend?"
"Oh. He when to Austria to teach people about American materialism, or something like that. He left a few days ago."
"Shit...talk about being a Steven."
by Personal AzN February 11, 2010
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The greatest person/name ever...also the sexiest person. I love him!
Steven is SO sexy, I just can't take it when he's near me...RAWR!
by pop goes da weasel May 28, 2008
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An extremely cool guy that is hotter then any other person I know. He is hip n happenin and can woop anyones ass.
Man I wish my name was Steven. Then I would be friends with everyone.
by Henry the second February 13, 2007
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Steven is sweet, caring and always treats his girlfriend right. He has SOME trouble expressing emotion but once he gets to know and trust you he will open up. He tends to be protective and always wants to be there to help his girlfriend, best friend or friend if there is a problem. He loves for life and is worth more than you could imagine. He NEVER gives up without a fight. Steven's are perfect for Jessica's :D
Boy: "Why is he opening the door for her?"
Girl: "Duh! He is a Steven!"
by Gor-Jess October 07, 2011
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A very sarcastic individual.

Often sophisticated, poetic, intelligent and very funny.

He's a HUGE family guy.

Few people hate him and when someone hates him, he makes it is own personal mission to change their mind.
Tiffany: Is my butt fat?

Steven: No, but Dom's is!

Dom: I know!

Steven: It's ok, I like it. ;)

Steven, Dom and Tiffany: LOLMALSH!
by Steven Savio August 30, 2008
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Steven is a cool, genuine, sexy, kind caring guy that is so so so funny. Steven says the most random things that will make you crack up. Steven is the best at cheering people up when there upset, he is the best friend anyone could possibly ask for. Steven is the type of friend that is always there for you through good and bad situations, Steven will be there to make you laugh and feel much better. Steven has a positive energy that makes him a great person to hang around.If you ever have a chance to be friends with Steven you should take that opportunity straight away he's the kindest guy you will ever meet with a heart of gold.
Steven is the best
by Nikebellxx July 07, 2016
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