The spaz in a wheelchair i laughed at during science.
I may not be smarter than Stephen Hawkings but at least i can move.
by Apumar April 23, 2008
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When you have sex with the space between someones face and shoulder causing them to crane their neck like Stephen Hawking. See bagpiping.
Dude my girlfriend and I have been dating for so long we've started doing crazy shit in bed like The Stephen Hawking.
by localpirate November 01, 2014
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Wheelchair-bound uber-leet master of the cosmos.
Man Stephen Hawkings knows all about those black holes!
by Packman April 28, 2006
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The Stephen Hawking is when you having sex so good that when you cum, you make the Stephen Hawking Face.
Jim: Dude I banged this girl last night and she was so good I made The Stephen Hawking face.
by SupraSwampa January 04, 2017
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An uncommon, yet unfortunate result of a throw during beer pong where the ball will spin around the rim of the cup, then be ejected out of said cup. The physics of this action are puzzling, some thinking that the ball enters a black hole and then reappears, falling out of the cup. Who knows how it works, apart from Stephen? But it sucks majorly when you lose because each shot results in the swirl.
Craig: Yo, now watch this shot

*Throws ball*
*balls spins around inside of cup*
*Ball levitates and is ejected from of cup*

Chris: Oh damnn, you just got owned by the Stephen Hawking Swirl!
by Missing Waldo April 05, 2012
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When you get so stoned that your physical and mental likeness are that of the genius, Stephen Hawking.
"I got so stoned when we went to see Shutter Island, man."
"Wow, nice."
"Yeah man, I just sat there and didn't move for the whole movie. It was blowing my mind."
"How stoned were you?!"
"Stephen Hawking stoned."
by Mr. Hawking March 01, 2010
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when a couple are participating in a flying 69, and the women is head first down, and the man cums, gets weak in the legs and falls to his knees causing the women to hit her head on the floor breaking her neck. the next day she will resemble an Angry Stephen Hawking.
Dude i gave this really bitch chick an angry stephen hawking on accident!
by Preston walsh September 30, 2007
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