Drives around like superman in his wheelchair, telling us what the universe is. He has highest INT value and therefor must be most correct. He got the speech computer 40 years before us... And ours isn't even ready yet since we didn't figure out an interface yet. So i guess that smartass traveled in time to an Apple store in 2241 and bought one cheap and thought he'll mess around with those 1980 plebs a little and tell them about the big bang and how to make something out of nothing. His idea became well known and a series about idiots that believed his shit was made aswell. HAIL STEPHEN HAWKING!!! YOUR DECEPTION IS SO POWERFUL!!! I SHALL BEND!
Thats not true! You are Stephen Hawking!
Oh mom, stop hawking.

Hawking around does not solve your problems young man. And stop pretending youre retarded and grow up...
by kuyaaaa January 24, 2019
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Stephen hawking is that one wheelchair guy. Oh and he's dead now
Yeah this fucker Stephen hawking. He was ok. But now he's dead. Oh well.
by Finnagen March 14, 2018
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Stephen Hawking, a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and head of Cosmology at the University of Cambridge taught me one thing....
Despite gifted intellect and a lifetime of investigating the creation of the universe, questioning of the existence of God and higher power, his soul was taken at the Almighty's will and that is one secret of the universe, hawking was never able to unravel.
R.I.P. Stephen Hawking
by A Muslim Cosmoslogist March 23, 2018
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"Stephen Hawking became famous because of his wheelchair". He became famous because of his illness and not the publications.

Founder of Anonymous
Stephen Hawking Fame is because of his wheelchair.
by Founder of Anonymous August 23, 2021
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A condition that happens when someone is so boring they begin to develop a robotic monotone voice.
That guy at the desk sure had a bad case of Stephen Hawking voice.
by Ezy Ryder August 15, 2011
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