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When a girl is staring down a guy she wants to hook up with and does whatever is neccessary to get with him
Did you see brittney last night at the party she kept hawking sebastian.
by mr. hawk March 24, 2009
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Selling something. trying to make quick cash by selling things you normally wouldn't sell.
Dave's such an idiot. He's hawking his tv for 40 bucks so he can get a sack cause hes broke as fuck
by jonlaa August 30, 2011
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To express great interest in someone or something by looking at them.

Often, but not limited to, when someone suspects you are doing something wrong, illegal, unconstitutional.
When we pulled out infront of a cop today he looked us up and down a few times.

K asked "You got your seatbelt on?"

I said "Yeah man, but he was hawking us."


"Like, checking us out, eyes and everything.. Like a hawk"

"Oh, 'puberty boy'ing' us!"
by the product October 23, 2005
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(v) - The hand form of docking. Used in place of shaking someone's hand, go in for a fist bump, at the last second pull away, make a screeching sound, open hand and clasp onto awaiting fist like a hawk attacking prey. Used to establish dominance over an individual.
Greg didn't understand hawking until George dominated his hand after a faux fist bump.
by BizarroKarl December 23, 2011
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to hawk (v) - fixating on a particular individual in a predatory manner (usually out in a in a social setting eg. club/bar/hookah spot in NYC ;) and attempting to stealthily monitor their every move while being clearly conspicuous and unnerving to all.
-Did you see Nika totally hawking at the club last night?!?

- Yea she was like a vulture guarding its meat!
by BeLiNaka February 11, 2011
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"Hawking" (verb) : To go above and beyond what is expected for the mere enjoyment of doing it.

Antonym: To Rampart.
My friend asked if I could help him move in this weekend, but I'm hawking it and bringing some pizza and beers so he doesn't have to worry about lunch!
by By reddit's Markles June 05, 2013
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