The act of flying a Blackhawk helicopter whilst erratically changing altitudes and airspeeds causing difficulty for subsequent chalks to maintain any type of formation flight that would resemble that of a professional Army/Navy/Air Force Aviator.
Did you see Carl in flight lead last night? He was hawking so bad we almost got sick!
by CoCWOO July 26, 2019
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To express great interest in someone or something by looking at them.

Often, but not limited to, when someone suspects you are doing something wrong, illegal, unconstitutional.
When we pulled out infront of a cop today he looked us up and down a few times.

K asked "You got your seatbelt on?"

I said "Yeah man, but he was hawking us."


"Like, checking us out, eyes and everything.. Like a hawk"

"Oh, 'puberty boy'ing' us!"
by the product October 23, 2005
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When a girl is staring down a guy she wants to hook up with and does whatever is neccessary to get with him
Did you see brittney last night at the party she kept hawking sebastian.
by mr. hawk March 25, 2009
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"Hawking" (verb) : To go above and beyond what is expected for the mere enjoyment of doing it.

Antonym: To Rampart.
My friend asked if I could help him move in this weekend, but I'm hawking it and bringing some pizza and beers so he doesn't have to worry about lunch!
by By reddit's Markles June 5, 2013
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In gang terms, it means to walk quickly or chase somebody down and (but not always), kill them
Person 1: I heard JayJay was hawking down the opps.

Person 2: That boy a real deal killer.
by Aaliyah Dukes November 12, 2021
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The act of following someone leaving a store at a slow pace while in a car in the hopes of finding a parking spot.
While doing countless loops looking for a parking spot, you spy someone leaving the store. By timing their rate of walk and direction you slowly follow in the hopes of obtaining their parking spot while praying they do not cross between cars into the other aisle where three other cars are slowly hawking the same person.
by Toasted Onion November 5, 2007
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To closely monitor someone, like a hawk would.
Mr. Preston was hawking over me in an attempt to get me to finish my project.
My sister always hawks over my shoulder when I use her computer.
by hawkinghawkerzz May 9, 2013
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