It is stairs but not just ordinary ones but ones you can steer your way up or down them, making it faster & easier for you to access a different location.

Additionally, these stairs are very rare and can be found in limited places,such as in Christina Rooms in Milos, Greece.
There are two rooms, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. We added some stears to make it easier for granny to go from one room to the other.
by KingofDefinitions May 10, 2019
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Neared as steered
Past that peer a steer steared to an island with the sea around won walking on a pier that miraculously appear having set out to achieve what was done.
by Hercolena Oliver June 15, 2010
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Scientific, Technological, Educational and Entrepreneurial Advanced Research
Stear Labs has implemented its third solution in Africa
by Stear Labs February 19, 2019
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n. - Kill Sean.
"Hmmmm...tabasco...this calls for a stear."
by Dave November 10, 2003
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Girl gives you a hand job but your buddy moves her arm. Similar to Dutch rudder.
Dustin and Adam were pretty close after their Swedish stear.
by Hahny Bonnie May 19, 2013
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A white girl with silky soft skin and a juicy f*t ass, sultry eyes and a great sense of humor, loyal.
Daaaamn, that girl a smooth stearing wheel!!
by Chrisper April 7, 2016
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1. To be to be mean, cruel or unkind.

2. To cause disgust or distaste.

3. To be of sexual suggestiveness or aptitude beyond the point of reproductive function.

4. an expression of approval or impressment with regard to a person's actions or ability.

5. an expression of approval or impressment with regard to a object's aesthetic or functional value
1. -"Hey, i'm not a poop-face! Don't be so Phoebe stear!"

-"Damn, that girl is Phoebe stear !"

2. -"Yuck, this dog shit sandwich is phoebe stear!"

-"Damn, that girl is Phoebe stear !"

3. -"My goodness, that was some phoebe stear sex we just had! Good job."

-"Damn, that girl is Phoebe stear!"

4. -"Shit dawg! them chess skills are mad Phoebe stear, yo!

-"Damn, that girl is Phoebe stear!"

5. - "Thanks dad! My new bike is Phoebe stear!

-"Damn, that girl is Phoebe stear!"
by Galxoxo January 28, 2019
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