Travel 264 miles from your home
I should stay home this weekend, in Durham 264 miles from my actual house. Travel to Durham, save lives.
by thebeatles May 23, 2020
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Stay Home because coronavirus is around.

Girlfriend:*Tries to kiss her boo*
Boyfriend:Social distancing
Girlfriend:Then why the fuck am I here
Boyfriend:I don't know
Just Stay Home
by SMH0318 April 07, 2020
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what pornhub renamed itself so you can stay home and enjoy free premium videos of girls who may or may not be underage sucking your cock
brah 1: "Yo dude, you tryna beat the while watching PH?"
brah 2: "Nah bruh, I'm watching stay-home hub with free premium"
by smart hooman April 01, 2020
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Phrase used by people who do not desire to hang out for the day. Often used to avoid offending someone when they already have plans, do not want to hang out with the asker, or really just want to stay home. Often followed by three periods (..) to show false/real remorse.
Friend 1: Hey, wanna go see Yogi Bear?

Friend 2 (to himself): That idea sounds hella stupid
Frined 2: No thanks, I'm staying home today...
by Vahney_981 December 30, 2010
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A phrase usually used to goad someone into an outlandish/awesome act. Similar to the phrase "go big or go home" this phrase considers added, undeniable reasoning; If you have no intention of going big, don't bother coming out at all.
"Guys, don't you think 380 Jello shots is a little excessive?"
by Wa wa wee wa! April 15, 2010
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When the Governor of Cali orders you to stay at home during COVID-19, so you are forced to do nothing and it is everything you ever hoped it would be.
The Governor issued a stay at home order, so now I have an excuse to sit on the couch with Ben, Jerry and watch Netflix and chill with my dog while maintaining a steady buzz thanks to legal cannabis!
by GlazeHer March 27, 2020
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It means stay inside your home and don’t go out and stay safe!
stay at home and help keep everyone safe (from the 2020 virus)
by Random user 4623 April 11, 2020
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