.380 isnt a .38. its like saying a .45lc is the same as a .45acp. the 9mm, .380, .38, and .357mag, are all the same widths as far as the slug. just some have a longer cartridge making them more powerful. .380 being the weakest, followed by 9mm, followed by .38, and the most powerful being the .357.

usually a small frame gun, and puts a hole in somebody just as big as a .357, its just slower. but there are also some large .380's, like the mac11.

alot of people who have a .45acp will tell you that a .380 is too weak, (but so is a .45). if you want power, get a revolver, a .357 or .44. or if you had to have an automatic and wanted excessive power maybe a 10mm.
they fired me, so i tied all of them up in the basement and blasted them with my 380.
by mr. sawed off November 6, 2006
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middle caliber gun equivalent to 38.
i popped him wit my 380
by Big Al May 5, 2004
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a .38 caliber pistol, equivelent to a 9mm, sometimes a revolver
" Lets get this money baby, they shady? we get shady, dress up like ladies and burn 'em wit thirty 380s"
by Bl00d $et May 15, 2006
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middle classed gun, pretty good uses 9mm i think
by Langwij~Master May 12, 2003
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A lower powered 9mm round. Not a sissy round, just lighter round for a lighter gun that would be used for something like concealed carry.

And 007's PPK was in .32 ACP (7.65 caliber) and his P99 was in 9mm, neither are in .380.
I guarantee you that when I cap you with my .380, you'll cry just as if you were hit with any 'stronger' round.
by Roc August 29, 2004
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A type of cartridge used in handguns for self-defense purposes. Also called 9mm Short or 9mm Kurz, this cartridge contains the same bullet (the actual projectile fired) as some of the lower-grain 9mm ammunition. The 9mm, .380 ACP, .38 Special, and even the .357 Magnum all roughly have the same bullet size; the difference lies in the length of the casing and the amount of gunpowder packed inside.

Although the .380 ACP is the least powerful of these rounds on average, it still is extremely popular as a choice for concealed carry. Because the .380 creates less pressure when fired, the typical Browning tilt-lock mechanism that separates the barrel from the frame of the gun (and moves around a little, decreasing inherent accuracy) is not needed; most .380 pistols have the barrel fixed to the frame, causing better accuracy and reducing felt recoil.

Although opponents of the .380 claim that it has little stopping power, the best rounds for the caliber (Federal Hydra-Shok, Cor-bon Pow'r ball) have approximately the same ballistics as a .38 Special. Police shooting data places these top rounds in .380 as having a 70% chance of stopping an attacker in one shot.
The .380 ACP is a popular chambering in smaller handguns such as the Bersa Thunder, Walther PPK, and the Kel-tec P-3AT.
by Ghost Dog March 28, 2008
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A locally known gang that originated in youngstown ohio. Known for toteing guns ,gang banging,shooting and robbing. They orginally started out as all crips but now they are expanding to anybody whos really with it and will shoot for the gang.
"Aye you heard about that gang that robbed that one dude"

"Yea you talm bout that 380 gang i fuck with them"
by LMA TY December 17, 2018
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