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A fancy way for an introvert to seclude themselves. Especially effective during pandemics.
Hey, I’m gonna head home, we should really implement the social distancing thing when coronavirus is going around.
by CrankyGamer March 14, 2020
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1. A technique used to prevent the spreading of a pandemic disease by physically distancing yourself from others. (i.e. not shaking hands to prevent the spreading of germs)

2. To spend time relaxing by yourself.*

* May be used as code for private, solitary activities of *Any* kind. (i.e. masturbation)

β€œDuring the Swine Flu pandemic many health officials recommended Social Distancing. This started a wide trend of mask-wearing, not shaking hands and standing 6 feet apart in public.”


β€œSee ya man, I’m going to do some Social Distancing and chill.”


β€œI got some new lotion so I going to go do some heavy Social Distancing!”
β€œYou need a girlfriend, man.”
by NoThankYou4PiggyFlu May 01, 2009
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what my wife practises in bed
i was up for sex tonight, we went to bed, she got as far away as possible, called it social distancing
by Kaydog1 March 23, 2020
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What you claim to do when someone is into you, but you want to avoid them and not be rude.
Sorry I can't hang out tonight, I'm actually practicing social distancing.
by Gartholomew83 March 12, 2020
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Politically correct (aka Newspeak) term for "physical distancing". You're not actually distancing yourself socially. Social distancing is actually distancing yourself from society and being less social. We're not doing that here in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
"Social Distancing" is a term that sounds so cringeworthy and almost politcally euphemistic.
by The_Anonymouse June 16, 2020
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1. An introverts dream.
2. Staying six feet apart so you don't catch airborne diseases such as COVID-19.
The mayor Pronounced on the town speaker, "We will start social distancing as of tommorow. This means that we need to stay several feet apart to not catch the pandemic, COVID-19
via giphy
by October 13, 2020
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