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Deriving from the character Tony Stark (or, Iron Man), it is a synonym for words like "owned", "pwned", "beasted", or "stole"; to be bested, or out-witted.
Haahahaha! You've been Starked, son!

Anna: Hey, why am I doing your homework for you?!
James: Because I said so.
Bystander: Starked, fool.
by Rabbit Zombie May 09, 2010
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See also: getting dicked, getting fucked, screwed... only worse. "STARKED:" For a person To be totally fucked over, screwed, betrayed, deceived, hurt, injured or all manner of imaginable and seemingly unimaginable wickedness befalls the person, especially when the person has acted with integrity, nobly, honorably, justly, kindly, or just all around was a good person with good intentions acting in a respectable, good way, doing the right thing, despite an inkling that doing the wrong thing would be both easier and probably turn out better for them. Taken from the misfortunes of the Stark family in the Game of thrones TV series, and A Song of Ice and Fire book series.
Some Guy: "My friend, against his better judgement, stopped on the side of the road outside newark in a dangerous area to help an elderly woman who was attempting to change a tire the other day."
Some Other Guy: "yeah? That was nice of him. What happened?"
Some Guy: " after he got down on the ground to change the tire, he realized it wasn't flat, that's when six guys jumped him, broke 17 bones, blinded him, crushed his testicles, stole his wallet, his phone, and his car. Turns out his girlfriend who was with him was sleeping with one of the assailants and gave him directions down this backroom so they could mug him... then they used his ID and keys to go to his house, they looted it and burned it to the ground. His girlfriends missing and... and they don't know if he'll make it... they beat him senseless and hes in the ICU."
Some Other Guy: "oh damn son, he got STARKED yo!!! STARKED fuckin' Hard!"
Some Guy: "totally... he was properly Starked.
by Dustinofftheclassics September 04, 2015
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(past participle); To be betrayed or painfully disappointed by a close friend or relative, who thinks he made the right choice for both of you.
by Spencer Trilby June 12, 2007
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