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The act of getting screwed over by a starbucks employee on your way to work or somewhere were starbucks coffee is an absolute necessity. Because we all know that starbucks employees really care about the difference between mocha latte and a regular latte.
Sue: LIke i was on my way to a early bird special sale at kohls and so i figured id get a double mocha latte. and the stupid guy gave me a dark mocha espresso wit whipped cream.

Lil. god what an insensitive jerk.
Sue: yeah he totally StarFucked! me.
by CHOCOLISHISH July 06, 2009
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The highest level of "fucked" that is physically attainable. The only prescription is a swan dive into cascadilla gorge.

Neil: I am completely star fucked for my chemical ecology exam tomorrow!!!

Brian:'re star fucked.
by supafly2 March 12, 2009
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