29 definitions by chHAad

A day for pampering your pups with baths, brushing, clipping nails etc.
Toby you ready for your spawday bud?”
by chHAad April 2, 2021
A bros way of referencingLowe’s
Bro grab some Sheetrock a blowes kyles coming over tonight”
by chHAad February 7, 2021
Only appropriate way of referring to “Netflix” amount bros
“Bro pop on some netdix I got some chicks swinging by”
by chHAad February 7, 2021
When playing scav in Tarkov and you kill a pmc and are now all decked out in top gear
“Then I went scav2000 wrecked some more pmc’s and got out”
by chHAad February 20, 2021
Any party that involves pups
“We got biscuits and beers now it’s a pawty
by chHAad April 2, 2021
A chick you wanna bone. Chickarono you wanna bono.
“Yo Kyle dibs on the chickarono in blue
by chHAad April 2, 2021
When beer league peaks and your drinking on the bench
“Do we suck? Yes. Does it matter? No. Why well one word alcohockey”
by chHAad March 18, 2021