I’ve heard it said that every star in the galaxy holds a mystery like a special gift you can say. And mankind for centuries has been trying to pursue them, to witness their treasure. I will never envy any of those who explore the universe trying to find that beauty because the greatest star in the universe is in my arms every night.
“The night sky is full of brilliant stars tonight, but mine is beautiful.
by NightRyder October 24, 2018
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A girl named Star is the best to be around. She is funny, and always the loudest in the room. Her past was rough, but people rarely see that side of her. When she is with her friends she is joking around and making them laugh. Don’t let the smile fool you, mess with Star or her friends and it will not end well. Star is the prettiest girl in any room, and everyone thinks she’s hecka hot. If you like a Star you need to make the first move, she needs to be treated like a princess.When Star opens up to you it shows you are special to her cause it rarely happens. Star is the first to give a friend a hug or help in any way. She’s tough on the outside but fragile on the inside. Once you got a Star, never let her go.
Girl: Who’s that girl near the bar?
Boy: I don’t know but she seems like a Star.
by Watermelonprincess10.swag November 14, 2018
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One of the best girl/women you will every meet she is kind,beautiful,intelligent, and the best person.
I just met this girl named star she is the best person EVERRRRRR
by Cheese burgers December 31, 2019
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A bright thing in the sky that is usually pretty. After a while it goes KABOOM, and then there's lots of light a bits of sparkly stuff everywhere.
Guy1: "Say, Tod, look at the stars tonight."
Guy2: "OoooOOOooh, shiny. @_@"
by Grella May 31, 2005
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Stars are the average looking guy who can play football good. He also is very popular and is a good friend. If you need to laugh or get advice then go to your best option which is star. He also has a big dick.
Star is so cool im glad im his friend
by Woodadvice March 20, 2018
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When one girl is in a 5 seat car sitting in the middle seat of the back row with four other guys occupying the remaining seats, she then gives the two guys in the front seat foot jobs and the two guys in the back seat hand jobs all at the same time.
She starred all of us last night in Steve's car.

Got to call you back, this girl is starring mad hard in Steve's car right now.

To star star starred starring
by Hugh Jeraction June 01, 2011
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1. A plane figure with three or more points.

2. A celebrity or one who is spectacular in a particular field.

3. A distant sun or planet appearing in the night sky as a point of light.

4. An anus.
1. Kelly dots her i's with little stars. I think she needs her medications adjusted.

2. Can you believe George Lopez is a star? How does that guy keep getting work?

3. That reddish looking star over there is actually the planet Mars.

4. When I was having sex with Jenni doggy-style, looking down at her star really turned me on.
by Uvula February 16, 2010
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