Someone who is of unknown sex. Someone who needs all the attention of internet forums, even shells out hard earned cash to gain attention. Someone who posts even when their whole town has been demolished by a hurricane.
That bitch at ebaums needs a hurricane to wipe her off this earth. That bitch has psychological problems!
by Deltron September 23, 2004
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Star, the thing in the night sky

And a beautiful name
Hey! Aren’t the stars beautiful today?

Hi star! You have a pretty name :)
by Alixiaaaaaaaaa June 4, 2020
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It’s a beautiful girl and she is very kind some day she might have friends and get into fights with them but she ends up having more friends and she is such a pleasure to have in life she’s such an amazing friend and she is very thoughtful she can be sassy sometimes but she is amazing!
Star is a very rare name
by itz.starrr January 6, 2019
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An asian petite busty girl famous on the app Twinkle (for iPhones and iPods,ect.)
Derren: Ugh! I hate Star!

Others: Don't hate her because she's hotter and bigger celebrity than you.
by xXEenieXXMiniXXAsianXx November 12, 2010
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Star is the best friend to ask for she is always there when you are sad and will never leave your side because she will always be next to you and she will always stand up for and sometimes is crazy and horknee <3
Star:don’t be sad just over a guy they aren’t worth being sad
Girl:thank you I think I needed that.
by Youwillneverknowwhoitis October 25, 2020
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A name 12 year old girls think is a good name for their Mary Sue OC.
Great another OC named, Star
by That Weird Soft Emo May 8, 2020
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Slang term for this females name, lives with her head in the clouds, but like any other ho...she will do anything for money she works at the gas station legally (and illegally) conducting business.
Yo nigga, you seen that bitch Starre lately?
by U Kno What It Is December 20, 2008
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