An alternative to words and terms like A1, best, and top tier. Used in a positive connotation, it’s not commonly used, but sure sounds better than a word that shares a name with a steak sauce. Star can be used to describe the quality of music, to the appearance of one, and beyond.
Salvatore by Lana Del Rey will always be one of her star songs.”
“That girl’s style is so star.”
by jlinnnn61 August 19, 2018
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a fucking retarded cunt, someone who only ever does tik tok dances, always plays Oreo, and every time you hand her a manga she will turn the book upside down or turn it to the back and start reading, she also a thot
“Hey what’s up star”
*starts doing renigade or however the fuck you spell it
“Your a fucking disgrace to your family”
by its.kitsune January 31, 2020
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Really nice loving person who always pull through for you Very beautiful pretty person and A very good friend
by Angugfn November 18, 2018
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1. A symbol used for flags and others. The one made from one trait with 5 spikes being the typical one.
2. What cartoon characters see turning around their head after being hit on it.
3. A sun that isn't ours.
4. A celebrity (that we probably all wish ours, in our bed.)
5. A sexual position where the woman just lays there and do absolutely nothing, arms and legs wide open, like a useless star fish, and we wish wasn't in our bed (unless we have fetish for dolls or corpses).
1. USA's flag, satanist symbol (Do you see a link?)
2. Any old Disney, like bugs bunny.
3. Proxima Centauri (Alpha Centauri C). The nearest star to Earth after our Sun.
4. Hard to chose a decent example, real women with real boobs are hard to come by in Hollywood.
5.Guy: "Goddamn woman, react, move! Do something!"
Chick: *long thinking* "What am I supposed to do?"
Guy: "Enjoy it, do what you wish spontaneously... *sigh* It's not the same if it doesn't come naturally. Ah fff.... never mind *leaves*"

(Instead, enjoy yourself! Explore, taste, claw, bite, suck, tighten your vagina for more pleasure, move your hips in circular motion... heck read a book! Like the Kama Sutra. Use your imagination and participate. Never happened to me, but if girls don't want to DO sex.... then DON'T have it! Learn what's fun by masturbating, then enjoy yourself sharing that with someone. Stupid useless whore, have some self respect. But I guess that's what stupid players get for convincing a girl, who's not into it nor them, to do it.)
by FallenShad June 26, 2009
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1. STupid Ass Retard
2. An actual class that you can take in highschool & is called S.T.A.R. You have to pay a ridiculously large sum of money in order to be in it. You can only get in if you have a learning disability (ex: ADD, ADHD, Dyslexic, etc.). It's basicly a study hall except you get extra help in it & you get more time on tests/quizzes.
"You should be in ST.A.R... you know, a class for STupid Ass Retards."
by Kay eMma C. March 18, 2008
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A small one stoplight town in North Carolina. The geographic center of NC.
Star is located in the geographic center of North Carolina.
by KHGMOM June 12, 2008
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Someone who is of unknown sex. Someone who needs all the attention of internet forums, even shells out hard earned cash to gain attention. Someone who posts even when their whole town has been demolished by a hurricane.
That bitch at ebaums needs a hurricane to wipe her off this earth. That bitch has psychological problems!
by Deltron September 23, 2004
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