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Derren is a name for someone who is an edgy fucking bastard. Usually an alpha male upon the virgin group, he is defined as "literally hitler." While he does this for shits and giggles, he fights against some white dude who is the CEO of racism for the position of CEO. His influence on people around him is about as comparable to a black hole, such as making ethnic groups a funny insult and getting his jokes stolen. The cream of the crop is that he is a minority, making the whole situation funnier.
Person 1:Jesus, why is Derren doing the roman salute?
Person 2:It's Derren
Person 1: Ok, faggit
Person 2:Stop being a Derren, jew
Person 1: Oh no...
by KKKuler December 21, 2019
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the most beautiful girl evar who will always make you feel amazing just by being with her
Guy 1: Dude you know Derren?

Guy 2: You mean that beautiful angel girl?

Guy 1: Yah she makes me feel amazing knowing shes my girl
by DQ4evar May 25, 2011
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A cool ass guy who can always make u laugh. ALso loves cookies.
Yo derren i got cookies for u.
derren:give meeeee
by Ecliotic Wolff February 15, 2018
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