A girl of outstanding talent who also happens to be irresistible. She is one of a kind with ever changing hair colour. Given the chance, she will make all your dreams come true.
Did you see that girl?!

Yeah, that was Twinkle.

She's incredible...
by mononoke May 18, 2010
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A close friend, even your best friend, who may light up your life and make your eyes twinkle. Origination from the movie 21 & Over directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore when the two protagonists were playing beer pong.
"Ashley, you're my twinkle"
"OMG your contact name in my phone is 'Twinkle'!"
by alphaparticle March 23, 2015
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Going missing suddenly for a short period of time without reason
Q: "Wheres Bernie?"
A: "Ahh hes probably pulling a twinkle"
by Taranasaur January 27, 2011
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To urinate while tweeting on twitter.
Tweet + Tinkle(urinate) = Twinkle
I twinkled while in the rest room.
by MTMCGARRY December 26, 2009
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Female Twink (not to be used as an insult cause it’s not nice to be a douche)
Oh! Look at how pretty that Twinkle is!”
by lovelytobehere May 30, 2019
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A hip hop term for facing away from your audience, and pretending like your making out with yourself. Also emphasizing your lady/man parts with your hands.
turn to the audience and open your twinkle...
by Kp-Wizzle. July 26, 2010
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A youngish queeny gay man (twink) that enjoys urinating on his partner.
That young man is into golden showers with his gay partner. So he is a Twinkle.
by rke66 June 27, 2011
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