Someone who you look up to: Stars are in the sky so you look up to them if you call someone a star you are referring to them as someone who you also look up to.
My Idol is a star because I look up to them.
by kalblue15 September 30, 2012
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Represents police or undercover cops.Comes from the video Game Grand Theft Auto in which stars represent cops
Damn im out of breath me and David had about 5 stars chasing us.
by SouljaBuzz June 30, 2009
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What you see when you ski into a pole. Previously thought to have only been seen by cartoon characters.
Ursula: Ow... I saw stars when I skiied face first into that pole.
Mom: Brilliant.
by Ursula March 09, 2004
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1. objects in the sky, that are very bright and last a very long time
2. people on the stage, that are not very bright and don't last very long at all.
3. a collective word for man's dreams and ideals. His hopes, and his illusion. His longing, and his smallness.
4. a word for pre-destination, Fate.
1. Alpha Centauri is our nearest star neighbor.
2. Madonna is a famous singer, who is a brilliant star

3. "Often I would climb up to the helideck. And lie there, gazing up at the stars of the Milky Way, and far away Galaxies. Across the Space fabric of Time, my small and groping Spirit would wrestle with the enormity -for me- of what I was doing out there. And I would ponder the equal enormity of my insignificance on the Cosmic Scale."

From: A Blip on the Radar "Starry, starry night".

4. It was written in the stars that he would be great.
by Francis Meyrick November 30, 2011
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Star is a beautiful girl who loves all of her friends and is very loud and loves her friends very much she is smart in her own way.her favorite subject is science she is very short loves makeup.And she is verrrryyy attractive and hates drama.She has a lot of friends and is very goofy any boy would want star.Her personality is the best and she can have long relationships.But she mainly cares about Friends and Family.
Boy:who is that beautiful girl over there
Bestfriend:That is my best-friend star and yes she is a very great person
by Olivia.Benson22 March 16, 2018
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Waking up at 6 am to go back to sleep, fluffy blankets, he likes to cuddle, a lot. Kind and forgiving, open-minded, likes justice, fighting for what you know is right when no one believes you, looking at the Star's at 2 am, goodbyes to friends, reserved, resting bitch face depending on what you did. That friend who gives that good advice, but you don't listen, that feeling of drowning and someone yanking you back up. Sees all and says nothing depending.
Whoa, look at Star.
by HiroshiMoshi March 11, 2019
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