Apparently what guys are doing if they flirt with a girl that doesn't like them.
"Like, OMG, this guy is stalking me because I don't like him and he asked me out. Now lemme look at that hot guy's Myspace for the 19th time today."
by bigtones March 19, 2007
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The act of seeking a hot person out in any means possible. Stalking is meant to be innocent and doesn't always make the person a stalker.
Examples of stalking include searching the person on the internet, adding as a friend on social networks and wathcing their every move, clicking on their mom's profile to find out personal family information, casually asking in a conversation where they live, driving by their house repeatedly, getting their tag number, dropping by at their job, following the person through the grocery store... and the list goes on.
by closetstoner February 07, 2010
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when no just isn't enough
inmate 1: Why you here?
inmate 2: My girlfriend broke up with me so I followed her around for a year or so.
inmate 1: What did they charge you with?
inmate 2: stalking
by goatcheese June 12, 2004
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How to show that you really love her
When you're stalking, a restraining order is just another way of saying "I love you too."
by mandingoh April 06, 2006
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To consistently, persistently, and usually annoyingly follow someone around when you shouldn't be. Usually a result of
a) having too much time on your hands
b) having an unhealthy obsession/fascination with whatever you're stalking

Or what a lion does to its unsuspecting dinner when it's not sleeping in the mighty jungle.
1) Guy #1: Jim, it's like Amy's mission in life is to be the world's best stalker. She's always stalking people.
Guy #2: First off, my name is Craig. Secondly, I don't care. And finally, for the 73rd time, I DO NOT KNOW YOU!

2) In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion stalks his prey
Unsuspecting, they converse dumbly 'bout what they did today

Jim: Boy, I love not being eaten viciously by whoever rules this amazing place, don't you Todd?
*they are then gruesomely devoured*
by billygoatofdoom(again) July 06, 2011
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When you freakishly obsess over a specific person and you get pissed off at anyone who claims him for theirselves. Especially Nicole Roberts who used to obsess over this kid named Sean.
Awh shit, man, Nicole won't stop fucking stalking me. This bitch is crazy, hating on my girlfriend and sending her hate messages.
by loliluvme July 25, 2011
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Photographing people or people's houses without them knowing, then posting the photos on Facebook and tagging them as that friend.

More specifically, one can stalk while in a public setting, like in school or amongst friends, typically by pretending to text on a cameraphone, but actually taking a close-up and often unflattering photo of the person. This is best done with the camera feature on a Blackberry device.

Stalking can also be the practice of driving around (in cases of severe boredom) to various friends houses, awkwardly taking a picture of their house, then posting and tagging the photo on Facebook. This is an effective way of creeping out your friends, killing time, and wasting gas. Nonetheless, it is awesome, and credit should be given to the creator of stalking: Devina Parmar.
1. Devina was really bored in IBBM, so she decided to take out her Blackberry and stalked everyone around her.

2. Whenever I'm with Devina, we always wind up hopping in my car and stalking everyones houses.
by stalkyoface June 17, 2009
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