What Sara Guyer is doing to Brandi Burkett Photography's blog and Facebook.
"Sara is stalking her wedding photographers blog and Facebook by checking it at least 8 times a day"
by iamnotsara November 07, 2011
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this is the verb used to describe the act of studying while walking!!!!everyones seen someone do it at some point!!it never works!
Jim:"have you studided for that maths test tomorrow?"

Tim:"No, but ill stalk to class"

Emma:"hey, have you seen Jim anywhere we were supposed to sit in biology together?"

Aoife:"oh, i just saw him stalking for french in the coridoor"

by tent-lady September 12, 2008
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A female or females who are secretly following you around with you knowing or without you knowing because she/they are odsessed wants to have sex with you because you make her horny
by Potent penis in the anus August 25, 2020
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usually involves a very long romantic walk for 2, however only 1 of them knows the walk is for 2.
Bro my girlfriend called me, said some guy was stalking her so I went and tried to fight him.
by William MacMorrison December 24, 2020
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