communicating with a stranger or someone you have just met, via the internet.
"i added whatsherface on myspazz, hopefully i'll get (s)talking soon!"
by DrJonas November 23, 2007
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The act of following repeatedly

The act of sitting outside the stalkees' home

I was stalking Mike today.
by rpv94 March 24, 2009
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something a dumb ugly guy does when you DONT WANT HIM. No you didnt just ask her out or flirted , she told you NO 500 times and you didnt hear it. No one looks at your myspace. Youre delusional and sick and need a life stalker boy.
he was STALKING her and he tried to pass it off as FLIRTING.
by ddfg November 26, 2007
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the act of attacking the interests of another person based primarily on a genuine disrespect and lack of manners towards that person.
a person who will follow - interfere or lie specifically to sabotage the interests, relationships and lifestyles of another person based purely on superficial pretenses.

esp. someone who will attack another person based on their god given right to like members of the opposite sex.

by Fresh_TJS August 22, 2009
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Obsessively observing.
β€œWas she stalking him?”
β€œWell, no...but yes.”
β€œI mean, she was obsessively observing him.”
by S Allison October 01, 2019
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