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A demeaning term used to describe any living entity that, in lamen's terms, pussy's out, is a fag, douchebag, asshole, idiot, narcicist or any other negative quality which can be attributed to something that is living. However, the term "squeen" cannot be defined or encapsulated by a simple definition, there is much more to "squeen" than meets the eye.
He only think of himself, he's a narcicistsqueen
the wimpsqueen was there yesterday
what a squeenidiotwho even says that
by Pleszkewycz November 04, 2011
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a female person which is active on a certain forum and manages to fill it up with spam without getting banned
Isa ;the oldest female person on; won't stop spamming. She managed to get more then 500 useless posts in less then 5 days. She even didn't got a warn yet. Isa really is a squeen.
by IJves December 03, 2008
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Derived from the phrase Yas Queen. A positive and empowering term used to describe anyone that is fierce, dazzling, smart, hard working, independent and shows generosity as well as creativity and talent. The word captures the spirit one manifests when shouting 'YAS QUEEN'. However, the word can be used in nearly any context as a noun, verb, adjective or conjoined with any word one sees fit.
"Hillary Duff juggles wild fame as well as motherhood. She's a squeen."

"I don't need a man, I am squeendependent!"

"It's time to see what I can do, to test the limits and breakthrough. No right, no wrong, no rules for me. I'm squeen"
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by LoveNotH8 July 12, 2017
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a tiny winky, a little pee pee, a not big johnson, a small penis!
That guy was acting like a squeen.
That guy has a squeen
I expected him to be big but when he pulled it out it was a squeen!!!!
by eleven20 November 28, 2005
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1. Curdled breast milk straight out of the breast, a rare phenomenon.
2. A small penis.
"Dude, I sucked on this chicks tit and I got a mouthfull of squeen!"
"He's got a tiny dick. It's a straight up squeen."
by Kentonthew October 12, 2008
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A manwhore that would gladly sleep in any girls bed. Dates a new person everyday it seems like
Heath: i dont know who im gonna go out with this week
Jack: oh my gosh dude ive had the same girlfreind for 7 months
Heath: so?
James: dude your such a squeen. Your a manwhore
by Wankerbooty345 April 25, 2017
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