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To vape with female ejaculate. Simply wring out the sheets and decant into your atomiser tank. Whack up the voltage and away you go! Experiment with various blends if you're feeling adventurous.
"So yeah man, I met Charlotte the Harlot the other week. She squirted like a fucking fountain on my fags, so she said I could borrow her vape if I smoked her juices !!! So we sat squaping together . Totally hot !!"
by HarlotAndIdiot November 16, 2017
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The act of putting yogurt into your anus with the intent of expelling into your partners mouth. Multiple flavours can be used, pudding may also be an option but there is not documentation of it being used.
'my girlfriend and I tried squaping this weekend, I was pleasantly surprised'
by Slygal88 November 28, 2015
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