To consume a beverage from a bottle or carton by pouring it in your mouth without touching the opening with your lips. Usually done to prevent the spread of germs or undesired backwash.
Friend 1: Yo, I'm thirsty. Can I have some of your Mountain Dew?

Friend 2: Yeah but you better fountain it. I don't need to be drinkin' your spit.
by JackalopeJess January 27, 2013
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When a woman orgasms so strongly she secretes her love juices violently.
Volume is enough to be felt dripping off her partners balls!
We had sex till she fountained
by The MG July 21, 2006
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Its basically when you're having seggs with someone and then this person pees and it looks just like a fountain.
First guy pees.
His partner: Wow.. you were like a fountain!
by xjiwon February 22, 2021
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Can be used as a verb or noun

1. When you quickly drop online currency in one spot and watch n00bs pick it up. Acuired the name fountain because in Maplestory when you quickly drop mezors, it looks like a fountain of coins.

2. Putting your hand in your pocket, grabbing all the loose change, and quickly throwing it on the ground to see what happens. Mostly for entertainment purposes.
1. Lol, look at that noob feeding off that fountain

2. Dude, yesterday i fountained a bunch of change in front of some hobos and one of them lost an ear fighting for one of the dimes
by Nick Chiasson October 30, 2007
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Its basically when you are having sex with someone and then for example your partner pees and it looks like a fountain.
First guy *pees*
His partner: Wow.. you were like a fountain..!
by xjiwon February 22, 2021
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To Be A Fountain.

Used in context, it is commonly found in the one phrase that will redeem you whilst puking or vomiting after a heavy night of drinking.

"I'm a fountain" (Preceded by or interrupted by puking.)
by The Pelicans December 1, 2007
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a homemade marijuana smoking device made from some type of plastic bottle, it uses the vacuum created by draining the bottle at the bottom to pull in smoke from the top
"i wanna smoke but all i have is this lousy gatorade bottle and ratchet bit"

"that perfect, lets just make a fountain"
by pohsib February 15, 2010
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