Being reckless with or spending wastefully.
Joe is just squandering all his profits away at the casino!
by KopyKat007 September 04, 2011
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The condition of failing to take advantage of, losing a chance for, or spending extravagantly and wastefully (i.e. squandering).
A Porsche with an automatic?!? That's damn close to squanderance!!
by Rusty Camaro April 21, 2005
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in volleyball when you get a really awesome set from the setter and the hitter tips it over instead of smacking it to the floor
Laurie squandered the ball after Mary set a really good ball.
by golf4girl July 12, 2005
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The period during the first 10 years of the 21st Century when the United States and Western Europe experienced severe financial mismanagement, executed dubious Middle East military expeditions, and purchased goods from foreign countries with unbounded borrowed money.
"The Great Squandering focus on terrorism was sleight-of-hand distraction away from the economic threat of China. We've been fooled. And as long as American's continue to bask in the luxury of fighting against each other, there's an increasing probability that our great-grandchildren will be speaking Chinglish."
by sumnerln May 16, 2010
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