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An ideology based on the concept of the individual being the most important factor in a society. Based on "Anarchism," "Spyderism" is a concept where a person is completely individual and sustains themselves by means of their needs. They make their own choices and are not subject to media influence or influence over their lives from anyone else. The idea is "Individuality" is ours and we must utilize this. That you only do something for yourself, not because someone else is doing it.

The idea of a Spider is that it is individual and it sustains its life on its own. It doesnt depend on others, it does everything for itself. It makes its web to how they want it. They catch their own food. They play to their strengths and needs. They do not copy the other spiders. They do not hunt or live in packs. Each one is individual.
When someone is "Spyderistic" they do not follow the norm. Only if it is actually what they want will they choose it. These people choose what they want to wear. They do not do dress a certain way because of others or because of media influence. They do it because it is important for them to do it. It is their own individual choice.

E.g. Spiders follow "Spyderism" beacause they do everything for themselves
by Billy Benny Benji February 13, 2008
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