spyders are a good choice for beginner paintballers.
by Anonymous July 11, 2003
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one who exemplifies the qualities of Spyder (Michael Imperioli's character in Goodfellas). Known for their pattented "spyder-switch," which is when he/she changes their previous words once they realize they were wrong. Also can count as acting in a manipulative or shady way.
This kid was such a spyder, he said he was going to let me copy his homework, but instead he handed it in early.

Floyd Landis is spydering the public.
by Spyda May 24, 2007
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mortal enemy of kebo

king of pimpin negros
<spyder>dang nigga
<kebo>shut up redneck
<spyder>fiendish you
by franktherabbit May 31, 2004
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When someone gives off positive vibes, but it turns out their an asshole.
Oh, boy, I got spydered.
by Lirymae April 20, 2021
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