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1: The act of playing paintball in a forested or wooded area.
I would rather play woodsball than speedball any day!
by TAOR September 24, 2005
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a type of paintball played in natural terrain, or have natural bunkers (logs, trees, rocks, etc...). typically ascociated with noobs, it is not uncommon to see woodsball teams in the sport. orginizations such as the "S.P.P.L." help promote it. although many woodsballers brag to speedballers that it involves tactics, and dosent just waste paint, it can also be argued that in woodsball, teams will assign a member of the team to lay down cover fire with a automatic, or fast gun equal to the amount that an average speedballer might use in a game.
tom: do you play woodsball?

george: yeah, its played in natural terrain, and is cool.

tom: awsome!
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