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When you have the sporadic urge to do something wild...
Man... I got the spurge to go bang that pretty lil' thing over there..
by theboymarch April 17, 2008
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A random exclamation shouted to a person or group of people in order to express nothing in particular, other than one's presence. 1

Can also be used as a means of starting or continuing a dwindling conversation. 2

Derives from the common name for the Euphorbia genus of plants: the plant is an illustration of randomness and lack of neccessity, just like the word itself
E.G. 1 John (to Mike whilst approaching him from across the street): "Spurge!"

Mike: "Hey man!"

E.G. 2 Harry (to Tim on, for example, Facebook Chat at the very start of a conversation): "Spuuuuurge!!"

Tim: "Spoouurrge!!!! How's it goin man?"
by jarry999 April 19, 2011
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A slang name for someone with ass burgers
Yoo see that tez guy he’s a right spurge
by Lokiify June 27, 2018
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