Another addition to the Facebook Stalkers Toolkit for people who you don't want to talk to... to talk to you. To make it worse, the only off-switch is "going offline" on your internet browser.
You remember that creepy Blake guy from our High School? He caught me on facebook chat the other day and I didn't want to deal with the overwhelming guilt of ignoring him so I had to say hi.
by DramaticJohnny July 6, 2009
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The most retarded program ever written and posted on the internet.

It was initially coded to serve as a modern torture device for all people who believe in the right to communicate.

Facebook admins try to make you think that they are updating the system and codes once in a while, though in reality, they are just temporarily shutting down the F-book so they can circle-jerk each other.

Is constantly trying to look like it is getting better and the bugs out, but in reality is just creating a cheap and crude form of AIM.
Guy 1- Were you trying to say something on the F-book today?

Guy 2- Yeah, but the fucking Facebook chat wouldn't work and made me want to kill myself.
by MPeds February 6, 2009
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One of the most retarded chat's in history.....ever. It allows one to communicate with someone, while at the same time logging you on and off. Resulting in many users to express their hatred of facebook chat via status updates, simutaniously starting a conversation on your status....okay facebook...clearly your suck at the art of online chats!
by c.c_me September 30, 2010
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Yet another pointless addition to the popular Facebook internet application.
Said chat enables anyone logged into Facebook to chat with other friends who are also logged in.
This chat feature is pretty much a waste of time and money due to the fact that most of the users who are on Facebook at the time, are likely on MSN as well. So really, it just allows creepy people to stalk you more efficiently.
Wow! Facebook Chat is rad, but why do all of these creepy guys keep telling me they have a 12 inch pianist?
by A.J. Eitel May 23, 2008
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The newest and most convienent replacement for standard instant messaging of the past.

Facebook Chat is an instant messaging client provided to users of the website. The service is only available while directly logged into the site; in addition, a user's "online friends" are determined on, not screen names (as many older clients have used previously), but rather the same friends he/she has on
I just don't use AIM to talk to anyone anymore because Facebook Chat is so much more convenient.
by ziggyonice February 22, 2009
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Talking to someone on facebook chat. Often used to talk to people by someone who doesn't have a texting plan or is over their limit. Quickly replaced IM
Sheila used up all her text message on her boyfriend so to talk to her friends she had to rely on facebook chatting them.
by honeypig February 28, 2009
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She facebook chatted that hot guy Evan last night and casually brought it up in conversation to her friends.
by honeypig February 28, 2009
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