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When you hook-up with a guy or girl and when you see them the next day, you are immediately repulsed. You don't exactly hate the person, but you just feel an intense loss of attraction. You somewhat regret hooking up with them and you feel like you will never hook up with them again. You are overcome with the syndrome that is 'sproles' and now all you can do is talk about this problem to your friends.
"Yo I hooked up with Kristen the other weekend but when I saw her at class, I was super over it. I got mad Sproles dog"
by catdaddyswaglord February 20, 2017
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Swagmeisters, very attractive people, intelligent. Always on their game. They ball harder than lebron james. He is horrible compared to Sproles.
He is literally a dump canal. He is a toilet. Even their dog can beat him at basketball. Very buff. Nice butts. Hardcore
Wow look at that butt Darren Sproles has a nice butt.
by Boo Swagdaddy December 26, 2013
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