When one or more persons inserts fingers into anothers rectum and rapidly moves their fingers back and forth causing fecal matter to expel in a spray paint type fashion all over the room.
"Ew Richie why do you smell so bad???"
"Sorry, Brittany and I were spritzing earlier."
by Pseudo_Pseudonym March 24, 2020
A form of watersports. Performed by straddling a waterless bathtub and urinating on an individual laying face up in the tub.
Roger enjoyed a good spritzing. His girlfriend would straddle the tub and soak him from head to toe.
by Eaton Holgoode May 12, 2015
When someone is tailgating you driving down the road and you unload a tank of washer fluid on them. Also can be used for unruly pedestrians or middle aged bald guys in convertibles.
That tailgater was driving so close to me I ran my tank of washer fluid dry spritzing his car.
by Loaf pincher January 21, 2010
When having to go to the bathroom (#1) and you can't reach a potty with out peeing your pants so you let a little out to relieve the pressure. DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE TO GO #2 STYLE!
Dude I was locked out of my house and I had to go pee so bad. I let a spritz or two out before my dad got home.
by JulSpad August 8, 2008
Don't worry, I won't take long to get ready... I'm just taking a quick spritz, not a full shower.
by tha h00tman January 22, 2017
Any Claymate's must-have accessory when engaging in any Clay Aiken, viewing, listening, and most importantly MEETING!!! It is used to cool off and refresh the subsequenly hot and bothered!
Look at that great "Waldo" pic.....eeeeks I need a spritz!
by MOO August 10, 2004