1. Clingy more like springy
2. Affectionate or flirtatious
Oh man that couple is being really springy right now.
by SpringySam216 April 21, 2017
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an abbreviation for Springvale, usually known with the kids who chill at Springvale
1: Hey, you wanna come Springy ?
2: Nah, so many hardcore boppers there bro
1: So ? It's normal
by ieatricehc June 07, 2009
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A stoner and the biggest meme on the stow marines realism unit. All the girls love him and he is a great and friendly guy. He is also really handsome and fit.
by SpringySM March 30, 2017
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1. A new skirt that became popular with young females in the spring of 2004; low rise, form fitting on the top half; vertical pleats or "ruffles" on the bottom half; very short skirt, often seen in pastel colours, can be purchased at abercromie, hollister, etc..

Origin: Two men sat on the porch, discussing how attractive the young women look in the new style of skirt. Sick of calling the new style of skirt "new springtime skirts", they formed the world "springie" to refer to the skirts they enjoy.
Oh man, all the girls are wearing springies tonight!!!

I totally want to rail some girl while she is still wearing her springie.

I love it when the springie bounces up and down due to its ruffles!
by Mike May 18, 2004
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A person that runs like he's got spring's for legs
"Dude, that chaps running has gone all springy!!!"
by turf of a fuzzy haired boy August 18, 2006
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What a name gets when his dick is always hard.

Horny beast much?

Ayyy bry my man gets it though.

Man: * sees a hot girl dick desides to ping up *

He gets a springy dick
by _catsaredelicious October 02, 2016
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