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When a woman is so slutty that her vagina is always full of semen. Like the hidden valley, its full of ranch.
Bob: Dude, that Amanda chick has a hidden valley. I almost puked!
Mc: Please tell me u didn't dip your carrot in it...
by MMMMCCCCW February 08, 2011
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High school located out in the middle of nowhere, where everyone knows everyone. Nothing fun to do out there besides get into trouble, drink or smoke weed.

Their FBLA program is baller being state champs for over a decade.
Friend: What school do you go to?
You: Hidden Valley
Friend: Sucks!

*at a competition event*
person: i think i'll do okay in my event
*see's that hv is competing in that event*
person: theres no way i'm going to place
by orangeCHICKEN November 30, 2012
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1: A young child or virgins private parts. no pubes. never seen. a unexplored world.

2: a sick ass camp

3: a salad dressing

1: wow did you see her. she's hott but im sure she has a hidden valley.

2: wow shes hott! she probably goes to hidden valley

3: wtf. y u putting hidden valley on ur pancakes!?!?!?!?!
by sexy, thats rite get a boner January 11, 2009
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When you take ranch dressing, cover your partner's genitals with it and either suck or lick it off.
"Man, my wife let me explore some Hidden Valley with her."
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by Andistic April 19, 2019
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