Delaney is a beautiful girl but can’t see it. She has depression but hides it very well. She has a great sense of humor, with all the boys she meet or girls falling for her. Her mood changes very quickly, and can be mean but will always say sorry after a while.
Person: your so pretty!
Delaney: no I’m not Hahaha! I look like trash!!
by Justmeandmypp November 9, 2019
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First things thing's first she's the realest. "Beautiful" doesn't even do her justice because she's just that perfect. She makes the worst days wonderful and is the most genuine person anyone has ever had the pleasure of meeting. She's a bit neurotic but it just adds to her charm. She helps the people she surrounds herself with and they do their best to help her back. She could make you laugh at a funeral and make it totally tasteful. She's intelligent, passionate about the things she likes, and always there for her friends so long as they listen to her vent once in awhile.she's the best friend anyone's ever had.
by Not Winchester June 12, 2015
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A girl, usually lacking self-confidence, incredibly beautiful, may hide feelings or insecurities, may feel over emotional and hide it, just needs a hug most of the time.
Delaney: I need to raise my grades. They're not good enough.
Guy: You have all A's.
by ThatEdgyTeen December 16, 2017
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The best person you will ever meet in your entire life. She is fun , crazy and can often be a little bit scary. You will love her forever.
Delaney is the best
by Crazygirl374744 December 8, 2017
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She is the most amazing girl in the world, not to mention she is the worlds greatest girlfriend, she really knows how to make you smile even if you are down. She is beautiful, smart, funny, kind, and just flat out amazing. She gives the sweetest complements and she means it! She will do the cutest things even in the least expected times. She's a romantic and a great kisser ;) and the one I want to be with forever. If you get the chance to fall in love with her you better take it, you won't regret it! She's somone you never want to lose! I love you with all of my heart D <3
by Cole_S11 December 26, 2014
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A beautiful girl which every boy is chasing after; intelligent; Loving; desired; caring; graceful; honest; trustworthy; humble; bashful. A Delaney will allways be loved. Sometimes a Delaney apologizes more than necissary and feels nervous and guilty very easily but she means no harm. Delaney is amazing.
"Oh I wish I was more like Delaney"

"Delaney is the most amazing girl I have ever seen"

"I love Delaney"
by Jenny Ily Cusack January 3, 2010
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Delaney is pretty. She has a strong opinion. She laughs a lot, and is barely ever mad. She is very sweet, and polite.
by B-Ball Man December 16, 2014
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