A medium sized city in SW Virginia, with a metro population of about 300,000. Combines large city and country qualites in one. Has the largest man-made star sitting on top of a mountain, that looks out over city, and mainly downtown. Because of the high drug rate, it is often called Roll-and-toke. Rhonde & Tiki Barber, Wayne Newton, John McAfee, and JJ Redick are some of the notable people from Roanoke. Sports has been a big part of Roanoke's history, until recently, with only 1 pro team left.
Where do you live?

In Roanoke
by Roanoke October 21, 2006
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A rather large city owned by the railroad. It is located in South West Virginia and i home to the roanoke dazzle and the worlds largest man made star. The city has a rather ugly inside, driving around you will notice most of the building are abandoned and need to be destroyed. Crime rate is on the rise and unimployment is on the fall. South west is an ok place to be. It is building up to be quite a fansy place. South East is the place no one wants and most exclude it from Roanoke. It is filled with druggies, prostitutes and Gangsters belonging to the rising LTP (linkon tarrance posse) and VH1 (Villa Hieghts 1). This is a good place to be mugged and stabbed. All in alldont stray to South East and check out williamson road for street racing. But its an OK place to live.
Roanoke is awsome with its bars and high population of hippies.
by Mitch wheeler February 1, 2006
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Roanoke is a not too big city in Southwest Virginia, with a population of about 300,000. The city was built on railroads and was once full of rich neighborhoods with large, fancy houses. It's commonly called the Star City, as it has the world's largest man-made star sitting on top of Mill Mountain.

Big houses got old and became apartments. The gov’t tried to fix them up, but now the cost is too high for the poor folk who would live there. Most Roanokers are highly delusional due to the high amounts of drugs in the Southeast, Melrose, and Williamson Road areas. Other delusions are caused by unintelligent bigots. We have too expensive boutiques a too big art museum, and the big city restaurant 404 Market, which only about 2% of Roanokers can actually afford. These idiots think that we live in a Metro City, which is a figment of the imagination.

On the upside, the Mill Mountain Star is pretty cool. We’ve got nice festivals and home-town parades, Texas Tavern with its great chili. Roanoke has a lot of really good people, despite the many village idiots. We are known for sports stars Rhonde & Tiki Barber, and Wikipedia says that Wayne Newton and Debbie Reynolds had lived here briefly.

To sum it all up, we're a mixture of average people, rednecks, crazy druggies, and stuffy almost-rich people. Everyone who lives here lives to get out, but most of them don’t. But those who do still appreciate Roanoke for what it is rather than what it’s not.
Chad: Have you heard of Roanoke?
Bill: No...
Sara: I saw it mentioned in a book once.
by GetOuttaRoanoke February 5, 2011
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A super small town located right outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Most people here are nice but the younger kids think that they are cool just because they can skateboard and think that they are rich when they really live in a rundown house.

Roanoke kid 1: Dude, watch as I grind on the bench!

Roanoke kid 2: Dude, totally!

Roanoke kid 1: Did you see that?

Roanoke kid 2: Yeah man! That was sweet! We are so awesome.
Roanoke, IN
by MeanLarry101 February 17, 2011
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a city in the western part of Virginia. Everyone from this city loves to talk about how amazingly terrible it is, but are damn proud to be from there. It is home to many redneck poor families, including the worlds largest man made star! These are the kinds of shitty things that can be found in Roanoke that people from this city love to talk about. When any well educated, white people are actually found in or near Roanoke (the entire Reddick family) they are ridiculed by nearly everyone in this little shit hole. This city is worse than the state of washington.
someone please bomb Roanoke so that we never have to hear about it again.
by stephen and brandon December 2, 2006
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A team that I group up watching and loved for 11 years. The damn new managers wouldnt sign a lease so the ECHL had to terminate them. Gonna miss the hell out of the team. Rock on Roanoke...Kelly Cup Champions in my eyes forever!
Rick Kowalsky was the Captain

Daniel Berthiaume and Dave Gagnon were the best goaltending duo the team ever had

Rob Snowball and David Silverstone were our enforcers.
by PenguinsKID August 13, 2004
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aka roanoke country club. no prior education necessary, just pearls and loafers.
pastel polos make for a year round easter celebration at roanoke college
by carolinachick January 18, 2005
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