1. (n.) One who lifts weights, usually in an attempt to gain strength or muscle. 2. (prop. n.) A man who did squats with so much weight, his ass exploded and his intestines followed. This man is also known as the brother of Goatse and the recently crowned king of the trinity.
See example by: Ultimate Gary. His example pwns every example in this mothafuckin' dictionary.
by Paulito Calientico August 24, 2003
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A dude who lifted so much weight, he shit his instestines out.
by acelesson2k2 June 6, 2003
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My friend sent me two links and it was goatse and the weightlifter. I was totally quadranined.
by Ultimate Gary August 14, 2003
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An Olympic sport; a test of how much one can lift in the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.
Weight training is not weightlifting.
Bodybuilding is not weightlifting.
Powerlifting is not weightlifting.

Guy 1: I like to do weightlifting.
Guy 2: Oh really? How much can you snatch?
Guy 1: Snatch? I didn't say nothin' about no pussy man, you crazy. I bench about 960.
Guy 2: Oh I see, weight training.
by Joe Jitsu July 1, 2008
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a sport in which if you try out or do this sport in any way shape or form you will get severely addicted to it. To the point we’re you eat, sleep, and drink weightlifting. help... i’m addicted.
“I missed one day of weightlifting, and then cried
by sjneagrom January 19, 2020
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When you are trying to strike up a conversation and the one you are trying to talk to gives you no response.
"Everything I asked him, all I got was just a yes or a no. It was some heavy social weightlifting!"
by Anonymous Model May 7, 2009
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Vaginal Weightlifting is a strength training exercises using the contraction of pelvic floor muscles to lift an object inserted in the vagina. Equipment such as weighted vaginal cones and jade eggs, and attaching a string to it. It strengthens the pelvic floor, and gives women sexual confidence and power.
Sara had a better time at producing orgasm during sexual intercourse, when she started vaginal weightlifting weeks ago.
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