Springdale Punjabi Gangsters. Control Springdale area and is very hated.
Yo that nig*a SPG, cut the scene!
Are you springdale b?
by Acrr45 March 10, 2018
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Is intiail name from self-propelled Gun or Artillery Tank which it use projectile gun can destroy target from another land

Is Support tank in WORLD OF TANK.It use HE 76-240 mm cannon.it like stay in base which light tank come in.
SPG like destroy Heavy Tank but SPG hate light tank spot it too.
by PinkyRoyala August 10, 2019
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Stinky Pussy Gang whenever you got them ugly ass hoes that pussy really stank.
God damn that bitch is part of SPG”
by Elite_byakuya December 11, 2019
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Acronym for "Self Props Giver". Meaning a person that is constantly tooting their own horn.
Christina is such an SPG. All she talks about is how good she is at poker.

Quit SPGing, everyone freaking knows you got that raise cause you're a kiss ass.
by Kaushal January 19, 2008
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This acronym stands for either "Stupid Perverted Guy" or "Stupid Perverted Gal". This acronym is used to describe a person that has an extreme lust and/or fetishes.
Chad: Hey! Have you seen the new movie "Superbad"?

Friend: Yeah! It was really funny with how that guy liked to draw penises everywhere.

Chad: That guy sure was one hell of an SPG.
by Dr. RobotAndrossnik March 15, 2009
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Sideways pussy girl. Applies to all women of Asian heritage, and the orientation of their vagina's which is similar to their eyes... sideways.
Man dude when I was slamming that SPG her cooter was winking at me.
by Rats Nest May 19, 2008
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Acronym for "Salt, Pepper and Garlic", a commonly used spice combination for barbecuing.
You got to add some SPG to those burgers.
by AlicanC May 25, 2015
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