Skeeting on a girls face and spreading the ejaculate all over her face with your penis like spreading butter on toast
Yo Cudi, on my persuit of happiness bieber was totally spreading butter with usher
by YellenD August 22, 2010
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Using your still hard cock to spread your jiz all over a girls ass after pulling out and shooting a load on said ass.
My favorite thing about doggy style is pulling my cock out and shooting my load on a girls ass so I can spread the butter.
by Balls Gray September 11, 2010
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For those that are extremely ass-greasy on a constant basis, this is a term to be aware of. Keeping up with asshole hygiene is very difficult for some individuals. Sometimes, to remain dry and “scent-free”, there needs to be some improvising when toilet paper isn’t easily accessible. It would be easy just to drag your ass across the carpet like a dog but there needs to be a certain level of dignity kept. Common methods to wiping ones ass can include using the bed sheet while in bed, using the inside of your shirt or underwear that you are wearing, washing your ass with water in someone’s bathroom sink (although disgusting, the jerk didn’t have any TP!), or any other situation where toilet paper is substituted with something.
“I was greasier than all hell so I had to spread the butter with Joe’s ferret.”
by Nob April 28, 2004
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when a girl is very sexual and spreads her legs easily to another guy so they could insert their dick inside of her.
“Hey did you hear about the new girl?”
“Yeah, I heard she spreads like butter.”
by ESKETIT2017 December 29, 2017
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