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It is when you take some item that someone else uses or touches and place it against part of your own body. A great example of this is taking someone elses toothbrush and shoving it into your colon. All that is left is just to watch the item (toothbrush) get used.
I chuckle wiped Ted's shirt with my butt. He is going to think he has BO.
by Nob May 11, 2004
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A fun nighttime activity. Under the cover of darkness a man or woman sneaks into a morgue with a shoehorn, white mask, and a tuna grinder. Only after finding a deceased woman can the wild sex begin. The shoehorn is only necessary if the corpse’s pussy has become too stiff for penetration.
by Nob April 28, 2004
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When you go and take a shit in a really nasty bathroom and you decide to stand. During the wiping process you knock a lump of wet shit into your underwear or on the ground.
"These gum drops you gave me taste really bad!"
by Nob April 27, 2004
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This happens to nail biters. The nail biter will be sitting around and chomping on their nails when they get a taste of something that was lodged under one of their nails. This strange substance remained safely stored under the nail unexposed to any hand washing. After careful backtracking to the point where this substance was acquired, the nail biter realizes that during their last trip to the crapper that finger had busted through the toilet paper and shit was lodged under that nail. Bon-apatite.
“Although the Coney Island down the street is disgusting, their carry-out is great!”
by Nob April 28, 2004
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Usually done during foreplay. When your partners penis has been played with enough where it has become harder than a ham bone, you quickly grab a cheese grate and try to skin off as many layers of his cock as you can. Shaved Ham are the penis shavings.
My dad wasn't giving me my weekly allowance so I shaved ham.
by Nob May 11, 2004
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An artistic approach to going to the bathroom. This art occurs accidentally or intentionally, and it doesn’t have to occur in a restroom. When your intestinal track and colon starts gurgling and bubbling with watery excrement and then notifies you that the situation has instantly become critical. You truffle-shuffle your way over to the nearest toilet, drop your pants and underwear as you wobble over to the first available stall, and then turn around and grab your ankles as you shit with all your might. The higher up on the wall the shit goes, the better the Picasso. If you paint onto the ceiling you have turned your art into a Michelangelo painting.
“The neighbors dog wouldn’t shut up all night so I went over and Picasso Painted it.”
by Nob April 27, 2004
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A male that holds a mouthful of milk in their mouth, places a straw down their pee pee hole, and blows the milk into the hole and into their bladder. Then the person can piss the white substance over anybody, anything, or back into a glass for re-consumption (a real party favorite).
by Nob May 11, 2004
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