When a woman masturbates while on her period.
Guuuurl, I was spraypainting something furious last night! It was a heavy day, so I got a whole wall done!
by D-Wayne mm. August 21, 2010
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When u hold the ejac hole at the brink of climax, the force that is built up is then sprayed all over a flat surface in 3 quick and furious shots. Design Optional.
Bob got the shit spraypainted out of him when he saw Sutter glancing and then unloading on him. Ohh yea, he squealed like a bitch. Oww!
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An idea or action that missed it's opportune moment in time.
"Oh i got one, like.........fuck it its already spraypaint!"
by Rane TaneTane April 13, 2005
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A phrase used in the movie "Lucas".

Often used in a perverted way on 4chan.
As seen in a comic on 4chan:

"Hey Lucas, come spraypaint this for me.

What? No, I'm busy. Go get someone else to do it.

You're the only spraypainter for me, Lucas

Dude, WTF."
by Pikamander2 October 11, 2010
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