the nickname belonging to elana
"yo ejac, i like your jersey.. im going to have mine say 'ulation' on the back.. get it? get it?"
by ejac April 07, 2005
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The instantaneous and short-lived feeling of unbridled joy which accompanies ejaculation.
Guy 1: Mate you look delighted, what's the good news?
Guy 2: It won't last bro, ejac-elation is short but oh so sweet.
Guy 1: Dude, too much info.
by Freshpot October 15, 2011
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When a picture or video is familiar to you. You’re not sure from when but at some point the picture / video has been masterbation material
Dude I've just had a ejac-flashback that chick was last nights wank material.
by Jimbo_777777 November 26, 2012
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When you pull down on a erect penis and release, like a slot machine. Coin shaped semen then flies out.
After an exceptionally long hug, I have my buddy the ejac-pot on the release. It really did sound like a casino as he came in his pants.
by Blue Wafflr August 21, 2013
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An individual who ejaculates extremely quickly, but extremely powerfully.

In some cases the force of the ejaculation can smash through walls or cause physical injury, especially to young children.
'Holy crap was that a gunshot?'
'Nah mate it was just my flatmate. He's a turbo ejac.'

'The fuck just happened Barry my vagina is bleeding?!'
'I'm sorry Mary, I should have told you, I'm a turbo ejac. We should probably get you to the hospital'
by bareswanage420 October 12, 2016
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When you blow your load and have to get out REAL quick.
Alright babe, I'll come over for a quickie but I gotta get to work so its ejac & evac or it ain't happenin'.
by AmadeuS469 July 02, 2018
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