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smallest city ever located in the foothills of the smallest mountain range in the world.
Did we just drive through Sutter?
by mnprit May 07, 2008
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He's amazing and understanding he has an amazing face and a good personality. He loves basketball. He's really good at it too. He hot and funny

He's just amazing in every way
Sutter is amazing
by Always.me123 September 08, 2016
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the high school only has about 700 kids, you know everything about everyone, easiest school to ditch from open campus so everyone just go to their friends house for lunch.

the town has about 3,000 people, and is home of the smallest mountain range in the world(and nobody will let you forget it)

the high school has an amazing boys football team and that is all they care about but they also have a really good girls soccer team which has not lost a games in years even though all the girls on the team are whore and just fuck everyone especially the "core 3" the captions just have sex with everyone and will one day end up as dumb skanks even though everyone wants to have sex with the "core 3"

everyone in sutter is realated to everyone, most kids parents went to that highschool,

there isnt even a stop light in this whole town and a couple stop signs that nonbody actually stops at cause they shouldnt be there.

pretty much the town sucks and just have slutty girls even
those girls are good at soccer and whore

...they have to be from sutter

everyone is dumb that comes from sutter
by jf;dsjf;dhg December 11, 2010
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