When you fart on somebody and a spray of poo turns their skin brown.
Last night I ripped a diarrhea fart on my girlfriend and gave her a sweet spray tan on her boob!
by Troob March 4, 2009
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It’s what sticks to yo bitch & makes her appear to be like a Kardashian.
Got my girl a Spray Tan yesterday, and dayum we doIn’ this on a weekly basis from now on!
by Bronzed Humanity August 16, 2018
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When you fart in someones face while they are sleeping.
Jason was sleeping and I gave him a Spray Tan alarm to wake him up.

I gave that bitch a Spray Tan after she had been snoring all night.
by RDT84 October 17, 2010
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Spray tanning, often called airbrush tanning or sunless tanning, is a process by which a DHA based solution is sprayed on to the skin via an automated system or HVLP tanning equipment. When the spray tanning solution is sprayed onto the skin, a safe, natural, sunless tan develops and lasts for between one and two weeks. Sunless tanning solutions contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), an ingredient approved by the FDA, which reacts with the natural amino acids in the top layer of your skin, producing the best looking sunless bronze tan. The pigments resulting from a spray tan do not provide UV protection. The DHA spray tanning solution is applied while the client stands in either an automated booth, or in a pop up spray tan tent. With most solutions the deepest tan color is reached within about 12 hours, so the color will continue to darken after the initial application. Spray tanning solutions also typically have a bronzer that provides an immediate tan effect. When using an airbrush or spray gun, this instant color helps ensure even coverage. In this age of immediate gratification, solutions that include instant bronzing are popular with most clients. Most of this added bronzer will come off in the first shower/bath after application. The color that remains is produced by the DHA reacting with the skin, aka, your spray tan.
I went spray tanning right before my vacation to get a quick tan. I love it!
by EnvyTan July 23, 2008
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when your doing a bird up the gary glitter and she has diarrhea, whilst having sex it creates a thumb over hose spray effect on your stomach
i was doing this chick up the arse the other day and ended up getting a spray tan
by ollierb January 31, 2011
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when a fart leaves a golden glow on a friend
"oh no, that girl just spray tanned me!?" "No dude, it's ok, just hope she didn't have carrots cuz then it will be orange."
by Jmuscle January 5, 2010
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Sexual act by nature (fetish) the jamaican spray tan is when one person blends a cup of human feces, urine, and semen saved up over a few months prior, mixes them, and when the person is about to finish during sexual encounters, they will pull it out & surprise their sexual partner by spraying them in the face with the recipe.
Person 1: Yo man, I was bangin' this girl the other night, I surprised her with the jamaican spray tan!
Person 2: I don't want to be friends with you anymore.
by NotGemstar October 20, 2017
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