one or more people gathered together to chill, smoke weed and listen to music.
Josh: Hey mahn, what's up?
Matt: I'm just sprawling, till my roommate comes back.
by aye.flacko August 17, 2018
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To occupy the largest amount of space as possible, spreading every part of your body to occupy the surface you are on, whether it be a chair, couch, bed, or even a counter.

The Art of Sprawling is best performed while lying down. A trained 'Sprawler' will spread their legs and arms out as far as possible, in order to occupy every corner and crevice.
"Jim, leave some space on the couch man, don't sprawl!"
by Mike Ling October 31, 2007
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The term to describe unplanned and rampant suburban and urban growth because of the way it eats up the landscape and "sprawls" out the extent of a metropolitan area. Typical things associated with sprawl are megastores, identical housing, large yards, and 8-lane roads.
Las Vegas, Phoenix, Orlando are products of sprawl, in addition to millions of suburbs everywhere.
by acb November 16, 2005
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Noun - a wild and disorganized event
"Man good thing we got out of that party. Shit was going whack!"
"I know dude. Fuck that sprawl. I'm glad we're going home to play some super smash bros. for the Wii U."
by LarsTheDog April 2, 2016
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When one is so intoxicated that are literally sprawled out an surface usually and uncustomary one

e.i. floor or front steps
Jimmy was straight sprawled last night on his porch for three hours.
by Benny Bird January 12, 2011
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what old people do when one kicks away their walking sticks
Look at that old person sprawlled all over the pavement
by paul December 26, 2003
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laying in a random position for fun. sprawl on desks, tables, floors, or couches. like planking or owling.
hey dude! lets go sprawling on that comfy floor!

by george the unicorn February 26, 2012
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