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Something that is funny and spooky at the same time.
"I saw a ghost fall down the stairs today, it was so spoopy."
by 2spoopy October 26, 2012
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by AxonL July 20, 2021
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When something is gloriously scary. Something that is scary and cute is even more spoopy.
I am feeling very spoopy for Halloween this year.
by Spoopy4you October 31, 2015
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(adjective) Confusing scary, often paired with cuteness.

See spoop for noun.
Wow, that's some really spoopy decor.
Gosh! Your outfit! Adventure time + stranger things is so spoopy!
by Castlereagh April 12, 2018
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So spooky, it makes ya go poopy.
*man sees ghost*
man: oh dayum, that's spoopy!
by Coolmoonjayden November 01, 2015
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