After you have had anal sex and think you've gotten yourself all cleaned out, but a half hour later (when you're in an aisle at the supermarket) you fart and more than gas comes out.... a mix of sperm and poopy--a spoopy--makes its way into your panties.
I accidentally got spoopy on my boyfriend last night when we were cuddling after having anal sex.
by AANADAMAA June 07, 2017
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Edgy; hardcore you know those girls that look pretty scary but are actually nice, they'd be spoopy cause it's a nice spooky
Damn Alexandria Jude is looking pretty spoopy today ;))

What's spoopy?

It means she's pretty edgy
by Spoopy Jim bob February 24, 2016
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A person nicknamed Spoopy hates their nickname. Despite this, Everyone she knows calls her Spoopy. Spoopy is mostly smart but also dumb. By this I mean she tries hard but is also street dumb. Furthermore, Spoopy can sometimes be very annoying but sometimes be also very fun to be around.
"Hey, 'Spoopy'."
"Spoopy, Can you get that for me"
by yourNightmares January 23, 2020
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An representation of something normally scary in a cute or funny way
That ghost is so spoopy
by Psynomous Bosch August 15, 2020
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Spooky, and creepy combined,,Also EEK worthy.
via giphy
by Cass_Frass December 08, 2019
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adj, spoop·i·er, spoopi·est. Informal.
like or befitting a spoop or ghost; suggestive of spoops or shittin' nickles.

eerie; scary, "skkrrrrd".
I enjoy watching spoopy movies with my friend sunday nights.
by The JRM April 28, 2020
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