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The Famous You-Tuber Matthew Patrick, more known by "MatPat." He is married to Stephanie Patrick. He make theories on 2 of his channels "Game Theory" and "Film Theory" and does live streams on "GTLive."
Who is the best You-Tuber and Theorist? Stephanie Patrick. But the second best is "MatPat"
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by jimison3 June 16, 2017
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An amazing YouTuber and Diet Coke addict who makes theories about video games and movies. He also does livestreams with his wife, Steph, at 4pm PST every weekday. His channel started out with him as a dorky theater kid doing auditions, and while he's still a dork he's a cool dork. Also pretty cute if I do say so myself.
"Hey, who was that nerdy YouTube guy you're obsessed with again?"
"Oh, yeah, that's MatPat."
by PoweredByDietCoke June 08, 2017
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The one guy who can't even catch up with Scott Cawthon.
"Dang, that guy made me look like MatPat when he said, "Omae wa mou shinderu."
by Casual Boi July 18, 2018
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Matpat is a diet coke addict who did in someway get his youtube channel ( The Game Theorist) famous. He does livestreams on youtube with his wife steph. He even has a cat called Catpat and he is the only reason anyone watches the livestreams. Matpat is a real nerd.
Whos that youtuber that talk about videogames in a nerdy way and drinks diet coke?

It's Matpat.
by A Loyal Theorist June 02, 2016
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MatPat. A person who obsesses over video games, and is addicted to diet coke. May or may not have a cute wife named Stephanie, and a jerky cat named Skip. May also have a neuroscience background, and previous dance and musical theatre backgrounds.
"Did you see that weirdo with the jacket over there?"
"Yeah, he's such a MatPat!"
by assholeidiot July 30, 2017
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Some fag who got famous by making videos on series with a large fanbase of twelvies, like Undertale, FNAF and Overwatch and doing cringey and controversial things.
Welcome to MatPat, I am GameTheory. Today we are going to see why Pharah's Dad is actually Winston.
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by Sherriff Mcfaggot February 23, 2017
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