something so spooky it makes ya go poopy
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by yoooO^OØ December 10, 2017
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Something you call someone who is not nice, and who steals forks from your house.
You spoopy, you stole my forks! Wtf?!?!
by Salty_shaker August 04, 2018
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A poop that comes out of ur bum when u have been startled
When my mum showed me brocoli I suddenly made a spoopy
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by sp00py d00py f00py October 14, 2017
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Another way of saying spooky
Person one: “That was spoopy
Persons two: “ it sure was”
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by Sphnoogle fphloogle September 10, 2018
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After you have had anal sex and think you've gotten yourself all cleaned out, but a half hour later (when you're in an aisle at the supermarket) you fart and more than gas comes out.... a mix of sperm and poopy--a spoopy--makes its way into your panties.
I accidentally got spoopy on my boyfriend last night when we were cuddling after having anal sex.
by AANADAMAA June 07, 2017
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