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The Mormon boy definition for 'lil bitch'

If you're a spinch you probably have a Grinch fucker blog on and are a self-proclaimed vegan top.
A spinch never uses the word spinch properly because all spinches are illiterate.
Regular bitch: "Yo Michael, touch my peepee again and I'll publicly leak your Grinch Fucking blog."
Spinch bitch: "I'll spinch your knees."
Regular: "Shut up you illiterate Mormon spinch bitch."
by Disco Grinch February 07, 2019
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The act of both speeding and inching up. Most commonly used when driving to go around someone or to enter or exit the highway in a timely fashion. Those who spinch are often inconsiderate drivers who like to blast past everyone on the road.
Friend 1: Dude you're about to miss the parkway exit!!!

Friend 2: Don't worry, watch me spinch past all these people.
by supergirl2420 June 02, 2019
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A spinch is a bird known to perch up in high locations also known as glitches. The spinch does not have talons however the spinch carries rockets and grenades. People believe he evolved from the peacefull Finch species in a natural seclection type attempt to fight off human activity in its natural environment. may be accompanied by a Maholms
Oh My god. is that a ..... this is the last thought it ones head when they see the smoke trail from a spinch rocket.
by Maholms September 09, 2009
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noun; The area of the inner arm or fold created by the connection of the bicep and forearm opposite the elbow.
Chris: Man, my spinch is so itchy.
Eddie: Oh no. Here, borrow my Cortizone 10 cream.
Chris: Thank you.
Eddie: You're welcome.
by Spinch June 11, 2009
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A tiny amount of anything, including but not limited to time, ingredients, or feelings
Traffic is really bad, I may be a spinch late
by Ben Grande June 01, 2018
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