A collection of cars, all of which just so happen to have left their destination at the exact SECOND that they are in the same spot as you, at the same TIME as you, illegally defying the LAW of probability. Also an old band that Steve Winwood used to play in.
Traffic is a joke, especially the bozos that insist on driving 25 in the fast lane in a 30 zone.
by www.flamepillar.com August 17, 2003
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When there’s some drama going on that you just can’t be bothered dealing with today.
Man, I don’t feel like dealing with any of this. Miss me with that traffic.

Examples :
Alice : Justin is secretly in love with you

Zachary : Man, that guy is a dick, I could never deal with all of his traffic.
by __nopls__ October 8, 2019
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Fucking bullshit that God invented to slow everything down or is caused by fucking idiots who get in accidents or just stop to take looks at things and is not considerate of others.
Fuck traffic. It always makes me late to work.
by AdomC June 18, 2015
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A busy place with large amounts of people, (used in place of "busy", and in this sense not referring to vehicle congestion )
Man mcd's was so traffic today, i was boxed in and had to wait 20min in the drive through!
yeah we did go to see the movie last night, but the theatre was so traffic we left and got coffee instead.
by macspice May 1, 2011
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"Yo man, can't believe that yo girl was flippin out lyk dat"

"Yeaaaah blood, shit was straight traffic"
by ShroomRyder May 5, 2010
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The practice of making out with/sleeping with dubious quantities of men on a regular basis. Generally used in a derogatory sense. Asscoiated with Lolita-esq promiscuity.
Emily got tonsilitis 10 times this year?!?!!
Wow, she must be taking some serious traffic
by Chuck Boyyd December 9, 2010
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